Kasin Anton

Kasin Anton
@ In Forma: Nutrition Counselor

Kasin Anton loves talking about nutrition, health, food, and any other associated topics. Her favorite thing is when she can help people gain greater personal insight that empowers them to make change and educated decisions. When the light bulb goes on, the possibilities are tremendous.

Kasin grew up on the “Standard American Diet” that included junk food, fast food, and drinking multiple Cokes throughout the day with little to no water. However, she looked healthy and would have described herself as such. In fact, she was a successful competitive athlete on the regional, state, and national level. Kasin was extremely active and simply ate whatever tasted good without any thought to how she would feel or how it would affect her body physically or emotionally.

As Kasin got older, she began experimenting with her diet by trying different ways of eating. Once she started listening to her body, she learned that certain foods, specifically dairy and gluten, negatively affected her health, both physically and emotionally. While it was very difficult to remove these foods, the results were amazing!

By eliminating these foods she no longer experienced abdominal pain, migraines, or headaches, had more energy, greater clarity of mind, and felt unbelievably better. These small dietary modifications were life changing. Kasin had no idea she could feel so much better and influence how she felt.

While experimenting with food and how she felt, Kasin was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. It was scary, frustrating, and overwhelming. Doctors told her there was nothing she could do but use medication for the rest of her life. However, she decided to take her experience into her own hands and began making changes to her lifestyle, food choices, and creating home remedies based on her knowledge. She couldn’t be happier with the results.

Kasin’s autoimmune disease is currently controlled and she no longer uses any medicine. She learned more about her body and to listen to herself. However, the best lesson was to not give up, but to have hope and keep looking.

She has always been fascinated by how the body works. Kasin grew up with both parents trained in Western Medicine and soaked up any information they passed along. As a result, she’s a Nutrition Consultant, graduating from Bauman College, focusing on Holistic Nutrition as well as an active member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. Kasin holds a BS in Psychology from Tufts University and now combines her degrees in order to help people get to the root of the issue as opposed to focusing on band aids that simply suppress the symptoms.

As she has done for herself, Kasin wants to empower clients to be in charge of their health both physically and emotionally and understand that they can be active participants.

She believes that Holistic Nutrition provides hope with new ideas and forward momentum where other health modalities give up. Diet and nutrition are the foundation to every part of our lives. Kasin looks at nutrition as opening a new door of possibilities and this process is exciting.

Kasin believes:

  • In a balanced, whole foods, and nutrient dense diet
  • Nutrition needs to be personalized for greatest effectiveness and must fit each individual’s lifestyle
  • Creativity, collaboration, and openness to problem-solving are essential for one’s health to flourish
  • In targeting the root of the health issue as opposed to treating the symptoms
  • In empowering each person to become an expert in his/her health and healing, which is achieved through education, personalized tools, and support
  • Everyone deserves to thrive and that all ailments cannot be attributed to aging alone
  • The foundation of our emotions, capacity for resiliency, and ability to thrive begin with nutrition

If you’re interested in learning more about how nutrition can change your like, look for one of Kasin’s inform workshops or stop by during her Friday “office hours” at In Forma. Stop by the front desk for details or email Kasin at kasinanton@gmail.com and learn more about In Forma’s free nutritional services here.

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