Health, Fitness and Generosity

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In the larger integral spectrum of health and fitness, our emotional experiences plays a very important role. Think about how your mental attitude effects your perspective in life, even only during the cycle of a day. Quickly, you’ll see that emotions are a primary driving force for just about all that we do, and don’t do.

Bearing this in mind, when it comes to health and fitness, the emotional drive behind our reasons for staying healthy has a direct impact on the quality of our results. In other words, the result of our work and its impact on our health is not determined only by what we do but by how we do it.

An exercise program that is connived and performed with the intention of enjoying the process, appreciated for its benefits on our body and mind, that is creative, fun and effective has a very different impact then one that is conceived and performed unwillingly, with unpleasant feelings attached to it, that is not fun or motivating.

emotions and health

So it behooves us to periodically take a closer look to what brings us to wanting to workout and exercise, and most importantly to how we do it? How do we emotionally connect to our health and exercising? How do we live the experience of exercising?

With these relevant questions to our health in mind, I’d like to call your attention to an emotional state generally not connected to exercising: generosity. Now you may ask, what does generosity have to do with my workout? Well, numerous health studies on wellness, longevity and immunology, have attributed a considerable amount of benefits to the impact that a generous state of mind has on our health.

For starters, generosity opens us up to, and put us in closer constant with, our innate sense of connection with one another. Our heart opens up to the need of others and through the exchange of generous giving, we the “givers” become receivers as well. We give of ourselves and in return we receives the many gifts our mind and heart naturally experience when they are connected to the need of another human being.

What we generously offer or do for another comes back to us many times over in the form of greater degree of fulfillment, joy, sense of self-worth and belonging, well-being and contentment.

We feel really good when we help someone else. This natural sense of connection produces a waterfall of emotional and health benefits that directly and positively impacting our health due to the secretion of powerful hormones that enhance our quality of life by reducing stress, boosting the immune system, inducing happiness and generating more energy. The result, better quality of life.

Yoga Fundraiser for Japan

Download the Fundraiser Flyer

Aside from what you may already do to achieve these great health benefits, here at In Forma you’ll have another great opportunity to put this information to a test.  On Saturday, May 21, from 11:00 to 4:00, in collaboration with other local instructors, In Forma will be hosting a Disaster Relief Fund-raising event for the earthquake and tsunami victims of Japan: Yoga & Meditation for Japan.

The event will consist of three cycles of Yoga practice (about 40 minutes each) and Meditation (about 20 minutes) starting respectively at 11:00, 12:30 and 2:00 pm. In between each cycle share will be food and snacks, beverages, chair massage and music. The event will also have a raffle and it is all based on donations which will go directly to Japan through the Moraga Rotary Club.

The donation are: $30 for one cycle, $50 for two and $70 for the whole day. Checks are to be made to: Moraga Rotary Club and can be delivered here at In Forma on the day or before. You must also call to reserve a spot as this is a first come first serve event with a space limited to a maximum of 22 people per session.

From In Forma, Andrea and Wendy will be leading the meditations and Wendy will also be offering her musical talent with a mini concert around 3:30. We hope to see as many of you as possible and remember that if you cannot participate your donation will be greatly appreciated.

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