Meditation at the Gym?

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meditationAbsolutely yes! It is finally time to break through old assumption about mediation being reserved for monks, nuns and “spiritual” people confined to monasteries, ashrams or meditation centers.

Meditation is a practice open to anyone interested in receiving its numerous benefits from spiritual exploration and opening (the actual origins and intent of the practice), to the currently more widely recognized benefits such as stress reduction and improved relaxation.

Science & Meditation

Due to scientifically measurable changes in biological, neurological and physiological functions, meditation is receiving long overdue credit as an essential element for achieving and maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Some of the major benefits of mediation include lowering blood pressure, stress responses, reactivity, anxiety and cholesterol levels.

On the other hand, mediation increases immune function, metabolic efficiency, sleep cycle and relaxation, cardio vascular health, memory, creativity, cognitive abilities, calmness and general quality of life. Additionally, longtime meditators have been found to have greater development and function of the pre-frontal cortex, the anterior part of the brain related to decision-making.

For us at In Forma, the recognition of meditation as a fundamental aspect of wellbeing has been an essential element of our integral approach to health and fitness since the very beginning. Over the years, different types of meditative approaches to health have been introduced by some our instructors in yoga, integral fitness and Pilates classes. However, since the beginning of the year, we have taken an even more progressive approach and introduced a “stand alone” meditation class.

Monday Meditations

Under the care of Andrea Colombu, In Forma owner and longtime mediator and teacher, In Forma now offers a meditation class every Monday night from 7:00 – 8:15. Living Radiance: Meditation for Wellness and Inner Peace focuses primarily on the introduction and use of Mindfulness Meditation but also draws from Andrea’s wide experience in other meditative practices like Zen and Dzogchen.

The class is open to anyone, from beginners to more experienced mediators, and extends from the very basics of meditation practice to more elaborate nuance.

The class is also innovatively offered on a donation basis, or dana (pronounced “dah-na”, a Pali word meaning generosity). Generosity is an important aspect of meditation practice as it reveals the interrelationship between teacher and students and allows them to generously offer to each other the priceless value of the practice.

Please join us on Monday nights whether you are interested in beginning a meditation practice or are already a meditator looking for a group or a way to continue expanding and nourishing your practice, all are welcome!

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