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Well, this is very exciting! What you are about to read is the very first Blog for In Forma, better yet, for In Forma’s NEW web site!

As we open this new “season” for In Forma, with the newly updated, more informative and expansive website, we intend on renewing our commitment to service you, our clients, at the best of our ability. This renewed commitment is also a reflection of our ongoing evolution and dedication to continue to create an environment in which health, fitness, education and community, come together to support an integral approach to life and wellbeing.

We’ll do our best to continue to offer you a wide range of health and fitness classes that are reflective of our integral approach, from the latest contemporary fitness creation of our talented instructors, to the much needed use of the ancient health and spiritual practices of the East as in Yoga and Tai Chi. Now more than ever, the integration between the scientific and more body-focused approach of West and the ancient wisdom practices of the East, is an essential element to help us support the demands of our frantic lifestyles. If seen as two aspects of an all-encompassing approach to health, integrating contemporary fitness and ancient practices in a balanced blend of life supporting activities make just perfect sense.

When it comes to health, integration means bringing together all possible elements of our experience in order to reflect our multidimensionality through body, mind, heart and spirit. To care for the whole being, for all that we are, is to care for all of our aspects and elements – integration is therefore necessary.

Our invitation is therefore to take another look at In Forma and all of its services and expand your fitness practice by trying something new in addition to your preferences. Brows through our new website and see if something different may be of interest and beneficial to your fitness plan. Go to a class that you always wanted to try but felt was not for you – you may be surprised at the result. Try something that is completely foreign to you or that you thought as not interesting – you may be surprise at what you’ll find. Or try stretching yourself even more and go for a class that you think may be too hard for you, above your perceived level – you may be really surprised by your true ability and strength. A wise person once said that “variety is the spice of life” test this saying for yourself, integrate your fitness, integrate your life and thrive in health and joy.

Here are some suggestions for you based on our latest additions to our schedule. Recently we have had the pleasure of expanding the Tai Chi and Kung Fu program taught by the renowned Master Marilyn Cooper who, for over four decades, has dedicate much of her life to the practice of this ancient, wise and health supporting practice. We are very fortunate to have such talent with us at In Forma.  Her classes are offered as part of the general Fitness membership throughout the week and are worthy of serious consideration as they are indeed unique in style and a very good components to health, fitness and our integral approach.

Our Yoga program continues to be strong thanks to our great instructs: Wendy with Anusara; Kathryn with Vinyasa, and Beth (now two times a week) with Iyengar. Our Pilates program also continues to provide great classes and the specialty training on the equipment (the Reformer) thanks to Jami and Nancy and their Mat classes and Jennifer with both Mat and Reformer.

In the traditional fitness arena, going strong are the Boogie Box with Anette which continues to be a success with the integration of cardio kickboxing movements, dance and toning exercises creating a fun and comprehensive workout. Lola, with her powerful dynamic and energizing style continues to reign the weekend morning schedule with Step and her new creation Body Blast which combines step, cardio kick-boxing, fitness boot camp and strength training all in a super one hour workout. After the popular success of Lynn’s Fitness Boot Camp (which is now temporarily on hold and will be soon reintroduced) she is now presenting a new format on Wednesdays with Interval Mix – a high energy cardio, strength and endurance interval-based class with the use of step, body bar, free weights and your own body. Her Monday evening Step and the Wednesday Interval Mix are both supplemented by a great 45 minutes Circuit Training class. Kurenn and Lola also teach a double-workout class on Tuesday and Thursday evenings: Step & Sculpt (45 minutes each.). In the early AM we continue to offer our successful Circuit Training series on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with Jami, Andrea and Mark. Later in the morning Ramana provides a great Step and Low Impact class on Mondays and Andrea finishes the week with the popular Integral Fitness – a one hour and half all inclusive class: 30 minutes of Cardio Kickboxing, 30 minutes of Strength & Sculpt, and 30 minutes of Core work, Stretching and the most relaxing finish with Deep Relaxation (a mindful mind-body meditative practice with breathing and visualization). Let your imagination fly and come try any of these great classes especially if they are new to you!

In conclusion, just a few words about the reason for this new website and its larger purpose for which, by the way, I would like to personally thank our dear friend Robin Bertelsen without whom this project would have been just about impossible and would not have all the great appeal and efficiency that it has.

The creation of this new site is the result of wanting to accomplish two primary goals. The first is to improve our communication to you, our valued clients, and continue to provide valuable information and news about the center while in the comfort of your homes without diminishing the existing person to person contact we already have. As you will see, the NEW site, not only has a fresh new look, but it is also much more informative and expansive then the previous. So lease, take some time at your convenience and brows through it and let us know what you think.

The second goal is to expand our visibility to the community and to create more interest in our facility and our services. To this last point, we would very much appreciate your support by way of helping us spread the word about In Forma to friends or anyone who you think may benefit from what we have to offer. We certainly do appreciate your effort.

Looking forward to your comments and feedback, thank you for your ongoing support and be well!

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