Class Descriptions

BARRE WORKS: Leaner, longer, stronger

Come experience how dancers train to achieve and maintain their outstanding physical shape, strength, agility and coordination with this very effective and popular NEW training method. With Barre Works you’ll see incredible results.

BODY SCULPT: Full-body workout

With an emphasis on strength and sculpting, this full-body workout includes cardio and uses a variety of exercise tools and keen supervision to deliver great results for a complete and balanced workout.

BODY BLAST: High energy for high results

This high energy one hour-long cross-training class is guaranteed to give you all you need for optimal fitness! It combines Step, Cardio Kick Boxing, Fitness Boot Camp and Strength Training for a fun and blasting workout.

CARDIO & CORE: Integrate heart and core strength

Based on the effective Cardio Pump Training System, this class is guaranteed to give you a full-body workout with cardio and all-body strength training.

CIRCUIT TRAINING: Your total body-workout class

Under the supervision of a certified instructor, you will perform a series of strength and cardio exercises on a variety of machines and free weights for 60 seconds on each station. The circuit is specifically designed to workout all your major muscle groups within one hour including a warm-up, cool down and stretching time.

CORE & STRETCH: Focus on your core and flexibility

A 30-minute powerful core and stretching workout emphasizing these two essential aspects of total fitness.

INTEGRAL FITNESS: Integrate your fitness training for total health of body and mind

Comprised of three fundamental elements (cardio, strength, and deep relaxation) this 90 minute class is specifically designed to integrate body and mind in a comprehensive training experience for optimal physical and mental balance.

MAT PILATES: New body awareness

Promote better core strength, posture, flexibility and body balance with the amazing techniques of this one hour multi-level Mat-Palates class taught by expert Pilates certified instructors.

STRENGTH & BALANCE: Increase body awareness, balance and strength

A low intensity, full-body workout designed to support and increase strength, balance and coordination using different exercise tools and your body weight. Includes core and flexibility training and individual attention.

SCULPTING: Full body conditioning

Tone up, increase strength and endurance and help sculpt you body with this one hour class. Designed to give your body a full workout while keeping an elevated heart rate to help you burn calories more efficiently. Stretching always included.

TRX: Engage your core with this versatile workout

TRX is perfect and versatile for anyone who’s looking to get in shape. Young or old and just getting started or an experienced athlete, TRX offers a cardio workout, a resistance workout, a muscle flexibility workout, and balance.

YOGA: Ancient practice for present awareness

Balance, harmony, health and energy for body and mind are the key components of Yoga practice and of all our classes. Our very experienced instructors bring the wisdom of Yoga with styles varying from Anusara, Vinjasa, Hatha, Iyengar, Restorative and Ashtanga.

Most classes are 55 minutes, unless otherwise noted.

Specialty classes and workshops are added to our regular schedule during the course of the year.

In Forma is also proud to host a Parkinson’s Exercise Therapy Program on Tuesday and Friday from 1 pm to 3 pm. For more information on this special program stop at the front desk or call us at 254-6877.

Center Information

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Classes daily. Check the schedule to find just the right one for you.

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Ample free parking in the rear.

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